Another step to make my home smarter using activity detection and human presence.

1. How IoT can modernize your home security? It will be human-centric, almost nonvisible.

2. Are you tired remember another PIN? You can forget your home-security pin forever.

3. Do you need remotely turn off home security? This is easy, you don’t need to do anything for it.

This picture presenting the full smart home concept, security is just a one part of my smart home environment. The main heart is Raspberry as an IoT device and Azure cloud for information processing, reporting and alerting.

Home IoT project

The idea is to use existing:

1) PIR (passive infrared sensor) and door magnetic proximity sensors to detect human movement by sliding window algorithm and

2) Wi-Fi sniffer to detect by phone MAC-address who is at home (assumption: phone Wi-Fi is turned on).

IR detectors and door proximity sensor together are used to automatically secure on unsecure entire home. It is based on sliding window algorithm as there are clear patterns for entry/exit activities.

The accuracy is not 100%, for example, if someone is leaving and doesn’t close the door afterwards, then you cannot say is he really left or just hanging somewhere close.

Wi-Fi sniffer is just listening what kind of Wi-Fi devices are close and by MAC-address you can easily match this information to names.

Secure/unsecure your home:

If algorithm detects exit pattern, then home is automatically secured. What does it mean “secured”?

“Secure” mean just active alerting by SMS/WhatsApp/e-mail.

Secured home mean that, if PIR or proximity sensors are detecting movement, then you will be alerted by SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail that someone is at your home. You can make whatever you like to do now, call neighbors, friends, police etc.

If the person is known by his/her phone MAC-address, then there will be no alerting and security is basically off.

If your phone Wi-Fi is not turned on and you will get alerted, then you must answer to SMS/WhatsApp/e-mail notification. System automatically recognizes you and taking off active alerting functionality.